Information Sharing

An Information Sharing Strategy (ISS) has been developed by the Alberta Government in order to increase understanding of guidelines of current related legislature and support collaboration between service delivery partners. Improved information sharing means that the right information is available to the right people at the right time as they work collaboratively, resulting in better decisions, less duplication, and improved outcomes for Albertans.

The ISS ensures government and service partners can share information to make the best decisions for Albertans’ health, education and safety.

The key message is consent is not required to share information when it is in the best interest of the child/youth and is done according to best practices.

Consent for Information Sharing is not the same as consent for treatment or assessment. An Information Sharing Decision Tree was developed to help provide clarity regarding when information can be shared. Online  ISS courses and training have also been developed to provide an enhanced understanding of how to share information according to privancy legislation and best practices

Best Practices for Information Disclosure

Critical Thinking

  • Knowledgeable of legislation
  • Authority within organization to disclose
  • Apply professional judgment

Relationship Building and Communication

  • Dialogue between sharing partners
  • Inform parents / clients (even when consent not needed)

Use and Disclosure

  • Disclose only the minimum information necessary to carry out the purpose in a reasonable manner
  • Record the disclosure (or decision not to disclose). BRCSD has developed a BRCSD Information Sharing tracking form to facilitate this within our region.

Additional information is available on the government website where you can find additional information and support documents to clarify how Information Sharing Strategy works.

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