Targeted Support

Targeted Support

  • Short-term intervention with regular review of progress
  • Offered in conjunction with universal supports
  • Begins when a specific, common need is noted within a group of students
  • May include functional strategies and consultation for individual students or extended practice in small groups
  • Goals and strategies are more intensive and personalized in planning and delivery
  • The therapist(s) may provide a written report which is to be filed in the student record; parents are to be provided a copy.
Why might this support be selected?
  • Selected when a more intensive level of support is required than is currently provided at the Universal level.
  • Can alter frequency, duration, intensity of sessions to target specific needs
Who is part of this type of intervention?

Where could it take place?

  • Students are at greater risk for not performing at grade level
  • Students who may or may not be from the same classroom
  • Students who may or may not have a special education learning code
  • The teacher, and/or support services such as a therapist
  • Takes place in the classroom, or in a learning space outside of the classroom
What could this support look like?
  • Targeted supports are selected based on the observed needs of the specific students
  • Examples may include:
    • Visual, perceptual and organizational strategies
    • Developing printing and drawing skills
    • Reinforcing the use of memory or organizational strategies
When and How could this support be initiated and delivered?
  • Involves a collaborative discussion with School-Linked team to set priorities and establish a plan
  • Can be a workshop with a group of teachers or parents
  • Delivery of the plan/strategies could be teacher-led, therapist led, team taught by the teacher and therapist, and/or with an educational assistant if appropriate
  • Parents will be informed of participation by the school and communication is documented in the BRCSD Support Review form.
  • Required level of consent will be obtained by therapists and/or school (e.g., using the BRCSD consent form).

Designing Targeted Instructional Groups

Below are a number of key questions for school-linked and therapist teams to consider when designing targeted instructional groups.

Targeted SD

Supporting children and youth to be successful at school, at home and in their communities.