Response to Intervention

Bow River Collaborative Service Delivery

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a framework of intervention, often shown as a pyramid to aide therapists and school learning teams as they make decisions regarding how to best work with learners. RTI encourages early identification and evidence based intervention to support student’s needs. The model is designed to address all learners’ needs, starting with universal supports for all students and increasing supports as needed.


Tier 1: All Students

  • Whole class, whole grade, and whole school strategies to support all learners through effective and engaging instruction with a  universal design
  • *Recommend sending a general letter informing parents of therapist classroom involvement (See Parent Letter)
  • *No consent required; part of differentiated instructional design


Tier 2: Combined with Tier 1

  • *Targeted, short term strategies or intervention requiring specific supports
  • *A letter to parents from teacher & therapist identifying objectives of the group is recommended
  • *May require written consent form if an individual student has specialized needs resulting in a need for formal student reports. Therapist may contact parents directly if a greater level of support is required.


Tier 3: Combined with Tier 1 & 2

  • *Individualized adaptations, modification and supports for students
  • *Requires formal written report and/or progress summary from the therapist
  • Requires written consent 

Supporting children and youth to be successful at school, at home and in their communities.