Communication, Documentation & Consent



  • The school informs parents that the child will be discussed at a school-based meeting and requests verbal consent.
  • School- Based and/or School-Linked team meets to discuss student profile and/or teaching support strategies. Support Review form is completed as part of this process .
  • Following consultation and observation, the Functional Strategies Recommendation form will be completed.
Service Providers (OT, PT, Speech, etc.):

If the student is participating in a small group and/or requires further functional consultation, and has specific identified needs related to one of the above disciplines, informed verbal consent is required and will be obtained by the therapist.


  • As per the Standards for Special Education, the school must obtain written, informed consent for an individualized referral or assessment (see BRCSD consent form 2015).  The school or therapist will contact the parents to discuss their observations and the reasons for wanting to refer for additional support services.  The school will advise the appropriate team member about the referral.
  • A formal assessment necessitates a written report and that will be debriefed or reviewed with the learning team (which includes the family).
  • A copy of the assessment report goes to the parent/guardian and into the student school record.  An assessment report will outline strategies and recommendations.

Supporting children and youth to be successful at school, at home and in their communities.