BRCSD Strategic Principles

Guiding Principles

  • Family Voice and Choice: Family and child/youth perspectives are intentionally elicited and prioritized and incorporated into BRCSD planning and service delivery.
  • Team Based: BRCSD is guided by the collective vision, goals and actions of participating partners.
  • Natural Supports: BRCSD utilizes, to the greatest extent possible, sources of natural support to children/youth, families and partners in providing supports and services.
  • Collaboration: BRCSD strategic plan guides and coordinates team member’s work toward meeting BRCSD goals.  The BRCSD team members work cooperatively and share responsibility/accountability for designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating implementation of BRCSD.  The BRCSD strategic plan reflects team members’ organizational perspectives, mandates and resources.
  • School–Community Linked: B RCSD provides supports and services that are inclusive, responsive, flexible, timely and accessible, and that effectively promote successful child/youth and family functioning within school, home and community life.
  • Culturally Responsive: BRCSD supports and services demonstrate respect for and build on the values, preferences, beliefs, culture and identity of the child/youth and family and their community.
  • Individualized: BRCSD supports and services are personalized to meet the unique needs of children, youth and families.
  • Strengths Based: BRCSD supports and services build on, and enhance the capabilities, knowledge, skills and assets of the child/youth, family, participating partner organizations and communities.
  • Persistence: The BRCSD, when faced with challenges or setbacks, continues working toward issues resolution that meet the goals of the strategic plan.
  • Data Informed: BRCSD gathers, analyzes and utilizes data in the form of observable or measurable indicators of success, monitors progress in terms of these indicators, and evaluates achievement of agreed-upon goals and outcomes through use of this data.
  • Shared Leadership: Participating organizations provide the collective leadership/oversight required to ensure effective and efficient functioning of BRCSD.

Operational Principles

  1. Accountable: BRCSD Leadership and Regional Executive Team members will fulfill their collective and individual roles and responsibilities, and will ensure effective management and delivery of supports and services through Bow River, including completion of required planning and reporting to the province within specified timelines
  2. Equitable: BRCSD will ensure equitable distribution of supports and services within the region to meet identified needs
  3. Consensus Based: BRCSD will use a consensus decision-making process, to the greatest extent possible, to resolve emergent issues and find solutions that strengthen collaboration and trust between participating partnering organizations.
  4. Child/Youth Centred: Decisions made and actions taken by BRCSD will be made in the best interests of the children and youth they serve.
  5. Accessible: BRCSD service providers will work to ensure services are planned with the right place, right time, right service and right intensity in mind.
  6. Respectful of Partnership: BRCSD members value and appreciate the contributions, expertise and limitations of partner organizations, and will work collaboratively with them to identify barriers to services and to remove barriers to the greatest extent possible.
  7. Respectful of Confidentiality: BRCSD will ensure respect for the privacy of the individuals it serves and will obtain informed written consent prior to sharing information.
  8. Administratively Streamlined: Administrative processes/procedures within BRCSD will be streamlined and only those needed for efficient and effective functioning of BRCSD will be practiced.
  9. Transparent: BRCSD will operate in an open and transparent manner and dispute resolution/appeal processes will be shared with all interested parties to facilitate effective issues resolution at the local and regional levels.
  10. Clearly Defined Supports and Services: BRCSD supports and services will be clearly articulated so that all partnering organizations can easily access information related to eligibility, access, referral and types of services available through BRCSD.

Supporting children and youth to be successful at school, at home and in their communities.